The 2017 Chevy Bolt Gets An Impressive Range Of 238 Electric Miles

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The electric car range-wars just got interesting with the EPA’s announcement last night that the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt will go 238 miles in combined city and highway driving. That makes it the only electric car under $40,000 to have an over-200 mile range, and not only gives it better range than a base $66,000 Tesla Model S 60, but it also beats Tesla’s announced Model 3 range of 215 miles. For now.


Of course, this is a big deal for General Motors. The Bolt will be priced at $37,500, but there’s a federal tax credit of $7500, putting the price of the Bolt right around $30,000, roughly half that of the Tesla Model S 60, which only goes 210 miles per charge, and just below the average new car price in America. It’s an affordable, practical new EV with good range.

Of course, Tesla has its Supercharger network that Chevy lacks, and Tesla still has an arguably more desirable image, and more impressive performance, but the Bolt comes with a far more robust dealership/service network and a very practical and usable design.

The Bolt is expected to be available late this year. Tesla’s much anticipated Model 3 won’t come out until next year at the earliest, and will cost roughly the same as the Bolt.

Looks like Tesla finally has a worthy adversary. This should be good.

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