Corvette ZHZ Survives Crash Week... For Now

Remember that ridiculous Corvette ZHZ crash from Friday? A tipster from Salt Lake City spotted it still cruising around, waiting to once again be featured on Crash Week. Full report below.

I work at a ski resort in Salt Lake City, UT called
Snowbird. Yesterday on my way in the door I couldn't help but notice a
black and yellow Corvette in the valet lot. Remarkably it was also
missing a chunk in the fender behind the passenger headlight. As I
thought about it, I realized it was the wrecked ZHZ that was posted a
day or two before. Unfortunately the only camera I had available to me
was my POS camera phone. However, I was able to snap a quick photo for
you guys.

Later that day after work I was cruising down Highway 210 in Little
Cottonwood Canyon. When all of a sudden I saw the ZHZ come flying
around a corner booking it up the single lane road back to the resort.
It appears to me that if the ZHZ incurred any damage from it's run in
with a rock wall it was superficial and cosmetic.


Thanks to Ross for the story, and make sure to take pictures of this Vette as you see it because, odds are, it's not long for this cruel rental world.

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