Corey LaJoie Faces the Music

Gif: NASCAR (Twitter)

NASCAR driver Corey LaJoie, who entered this year’s Daytona 500 with a team called Go Fas Racing and a car that looks suspiciously like himself, blew a tire a few handfuls of laps into the race. That’s when LaJoie just had to face the facts: His car was torn up, and he was about to lose some laps.

LaJoie’s tire blew just past 20 laps into the race, causing a debris caution and a rather hairy situation for his team. Pit stops and repairs set him back a few laps, leaving a scar on more than just his chances to win NASCAR’s biggest race.

Even if LaJoie were on the lead lap, it’s not like he’d be able to nose ahead of the pack too easily. Aerodynamics are a huge factor at race tracks like the 2.5-mile Daytona International Speedway, meaning LaJoie would need more than a few stitches to heal this wound—something he can’t get in a few trips to pit road.


Luckily for LaJoie, the blown tire only ripped up the side of his face, so he’ll still be able to keep his eyes on the prize—from three laps down.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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