Confused police pull over Pagani Huayra

The Pagani Huayra isn't technically legal to drive on city streets in the U.S., but one of the Italian exotics is here for show/testing purposes until it can get around our pesky airbag laws. This didn't stop a cadre of local California law enforcement from stopping the car while being driven by founder Horacio Pagani with AutoWeek's Mark Vaughn in tow.


Here's what our tipster Tyler had to say about the whole mess:

Enjoy pictures of a non-US legal Haaaaiiiiiuuuuuurrrrryyyyyyrrrrrraaaa in Monterey being stopped by the popo. I'm guessing the guy only spoke Italian confusing the hell out of the police when trying to ask what he was driving and for registration. To make matters worse, the cops probably couldn't pronounce the name of the car in which they were calling for back-up so that they could figure the whole thing out.

After calling in a few cops, including a CHiPs motorcycle Erik Estrada replica, they finally let the poor, confused Italian go [He's actually Argentine — ed]. I would have ventured across the street and supplied better pictures, but I was too busy laughing. Maybe he wanted to just get some McDonalds or Starbucks; you know, some Americana.

Why does The Man hate the Huayra?

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