Pagani Huayra: A 230 MPH V12-Powered Catfish

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Pagani's Zonda replacement, the Pagani Huayra, finally emerged officially from the company's Modenese studio. We've seen the leaked imagery, now come the hardware specs. Better wear your rubber pants to this show-and-tell, kids.

Other than the design, which has caused more mixed emotions than Katy Perry, Pagani had some help from its supplier friends. AMG built Pagani its own 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 producing more than 700 hp and 811 lb/ft of torque, Not bad for a car weighing 2,976 lbs. F1 supplier Xtrac pitched in on a seven-speed sequential box that weighs only 212 lbs. The company's not giving away many performance details, only to say 0-60 in 3.3 seconds a top speed of 230 mph. And it meets US crash test requirements. Can you say King of America?

The aero bits are just as tricky, with four, independent computer-controlled flaps for active downforce adjustments. Seriously. In a car you can buy and drive on the road. Of course, the tires are rated for 230mph, so there's that. At base is a tub of carbon-titanium over a pushrod suspension with aluminum alloy bits and adjustable Ohlins coilovers. Whatever you think of the design, you can't argue with capability. Of course we know you'll find a way.


The price is a million Euros. Either you have it, or you don't.

Now, for storytime.

Ancient legends tell of Aymara Huayra Tata, god of wind, which controls the breezes, the winds and hurricanes that affect the mountains, ravines and slopes of the Andean cordillera. It is said that Tata Huayra living in the hills and valleys left them just to show his strength to his wife, Pachamama, the goddess of Mother Earth.

With its power, the god of the wind Huayra Tata may raise the waters of Lake Titicaca and turn them into rain that pours on the fertile Pachamama. Tata Huayra When resting, the waters are calm and the rivers. But the calm before the storm is about to be discontinued ...

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would anyone like to hazard a good guess why the McLaren F1 is ten mph faster using fewer horsepower?