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Mazda and Fiat have been cooking up a new roadster based on the 2016 Miata platform for a while now. First it was supposed to be an Alfa Romeo, then it was punted over to Fiat after Alfa decided to make their own roadster. (Apparently Mazda wasn't Italian enough for them.) But now we have an official name for the Fiat roadster: the 124 Spider.


At the Geneva Motor Show today, Fiat Chrysler bossman Sergio Marchionne and another executive confirmed the name of the roadster after being asked straight-up by the UK's Auto Express:

When asked directly by Auto Express at the Geneva Motor Show if the new model would indeed be badged 124 Spider, Marchionne checked with his execs if the name had been revealed yet, before asking: "Do we want to do it now?" A brand exec confirmed the 124 Spider name before Marchionne added: "There you go – a world class premiere right in this room!"


That Sergio. What a jokester.

Marchionne declined to say whether the 124 Spider would wear a Fiat badge or an Abarth badge, but Auto Express says they expect both. I'd be kind of surprised if it was sold as a standalone Abarth model.

It's exciting news, but also something we kind of expected to happen after Fiat filed trademarks with the U.S. Patent Office for the names. It's a renewal of an historic nameplate for Fiat that dates back tot he 1960s. The design is expected to be more retro than the Miata (not the shitty thing above I spent three minutes making in Photoshop), and the new 124 may also spawn a coupe version.

Auto Express also expects the 124 will dump the Mazda SkyActiv engines for some Fiat/Alfa Romeo MultiAir turbo motors, possibly with up to 200 horsepower.


If you think the new Miata doesn't have enough power, Fiat may have an answer for you.


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