Fiat's Sergio Marchionne: American Alfa Romeos Must Have 'Wop Engines'

Illustration for article titled Fiats Sergio Marchionne: American Alfa Romeos Must Have Wop Engines

In a stunning display of cultural sensitivity at the Detroit Auto Show today, Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne told reporters that if an Alfa Romeo comes to the U.S., it must have a "wop engine." In other words, no Chrysler engines for American Alfas, but you'd think the CEO of a major automaker could have found a nicer way to say it, even if he's Italian himself.

Marchionne's remarks were reported on Twitter by Bryce Hoffman of The Detroit News as well as AOL Autos.

No word yet on whether Marchionne added that Alfa Romeos must also have "greasy Dago transmissions" as well.

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Turbineguy: Nom de Zoom

Marchionne's comments on the new Grand Cherokee were just as enlightened:

"Dago thru mud, dago thru snow, and when you get a flat dago wop wop wop"

I'll see myself out now.