Compare How Fast You Drive In Real Life Vs. On Gran Turismo 6

The Dec. 6 release date for Gran Turismo 6 means more and more of its details are trickling out. Now comes proof of the ability to drive where you want to drive, so to speak, and prove you're much faster at driving when you're sitting on a couch.

Jeremy Clarkson proved on Top Gear that he couldn't drive Laguna Seca nearly as quickly as he could on a PlayStation. Despite this, GT6's CAN-Gateway ECU makes it so you don't have to be a TV host to prove the same theory. The video above compares a Scion FR-S being driven on the real Willow Springs Raceway versus what it looks like on the game.

Developed with the help of Toyota, it's supposed to collect information such as vehicle speed, RPM, throttle position, steering stuff and have it be collected by the driver on a USB stick that can then be plugged into your PlayStation and recreated on the game. This is in addition to the Course Maker feature that's coming.


Also worth noting that they've made Willow Springs look pretty good.

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Streets of Willow!!! My local favorite finally in a game. They just officially sold me a copy.