Gran Turismo 6's GPS Will Let You Drive Your Favorite Real-Life Routes

When we asked you to design an awesome track for Gran Turismo 6, many of you suggested real-life routes you wished you could drive in the amazing environment of GT. Thanks to integration with a GPS mobile app, it looks like you'll be able to do just that.

From the official Gran Turismo website:

This [Course Maker] feature, available at a later stage through an update, will allow you to create your own custom tracks that can be driven in the game. Additionally, in another update we will add the possibility to generate a track by capturing the GPS coordinate data of a mobile app while you are driving that course. This GPS-generated tracks will be available in the game as playable content.


With features like this coming to fruition, it's looking like GT6 is well on it's way to live up to the hype.

Hat tip to Greg Freestone!

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Not to be that guy.... But how could the game possibly create "your drive" with any accuracy whatsoever... Other than just a vague this approximate curve into that approximate curve... Seems to me like this will require some seriously low expectations to impress.