In college, whenever anything disgusted my roomamte, he would shout "Kill me now, Reggie!" Well... truthfully he would shout, "Fuck me now, Reggie!" (from Lynch's Wild at Heart) but over time it evolved. He usually only unloaded it when watching television, along with his other trademark phrase, "The worms in my stool have a show on the WB." I think you know where I'm going with this. And I think it high time you jumped.

In case you missed it, check out what the kids are into:

In fact, there was a whole post about this drek earlier today full to the brim with awesome, awesome, warmed-up-my-blackened-heart fantastic comments. That said, two in particular stood out. The first comes to you from my main man Danio, and we think it's a astute observation vis-a-vis viral marketing, in two parts. The first:

This is for real, as in not a submission to YouTube?

Yeah, for reals. Like... grown up, college educated people with casual Fridays and Starbucks tabs actually sat down and said, "I got this idea..." Fuck me now, Reggie. Danio continues:

The virus in that ad attacked me, now im sick.

Jalopnik is sick, too. But it's not just Jalopnik and Danio against the bullshit. BigEnusBurdett says:

Where's Kurt Russell and his Death Proof Nova when you need him?

Get it? Cause the Death Proof Nova kills women. Like these utter twits.