Commenter Of The Day: We're Doing It Live Edition!

Everyone was sort of shocked at the video of Bill O'Reilly absolutely freaking out while hosting Inside Edition years ago. And whether you like him or despise him, if you've ever worked in the news you know there are those days. If you could hear what's said between staffers in a newsroom, on a TV set or in a chat here on a crazy day your ears would start bleeding from all the profanity. You just become desensitized after a while. The same goes with hybrid news... until they hybridize a Ferrari. It's at this point you reach for an expletive, even if it's highly offensive to Italians. Thankfully, Frank put it into context.


I'd hate to be the guy that had to report that on national television.

A video COTD, you don't see that every day!

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