Commenter Of The Day: Two If By Sea Edition

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There's something about American history, specifically American history having to do with the Revolutionary War, that always has to be spiced about up a bit. It's not enough that a small group of citizens organized the overthrow of a global power in order to create a government instituted by men with clear thought given to the protection of minority viewpoints. That's not sexy enough. And so it is with Paul Revere's "Midnight Ride," in which he was sent to warn of the British invasion. It wasn't anything anyone paid much attention to until Henry Wadsworth Longfellow put the story to words in his famous poem. The fact is that at least three riders were sent out that night, but Paul Revere apparently works better (it does rhyme with "year"). And the lanterns were meant for others in case Revere was captured or injured, not for Revere. But people liked to get their history from poems (reality television having not been invented) so now we've got this strange memory of Paul Revere single handedly overthrowing the British and getting the girl and finding the treasure.


The fact is, it isn't that hard to mess with the British as they rarely have any notion of what's happening. For example we have Sir Paul McCartney (leader of the most successful British Invasion), who was completely unaware his Lexus Hybrid was being transported by air as part of a Korean Air flight, which Graverobber points out is quite the nuisance for passengers:

This is why I refuse to fly on Korean Air; you never know when you'll have to spend a 13-hour flight seated next to some smug, big-assed car taking up BOTH armrests and arguing with the flight attendant over whether or not the inflight meal is kosher or low-sodium or something. Jebus, this would be worse than that time I had to sit next to REO Speedwagon's REO Speedwagon from Deluth to Detroit.

It's better than flying with Wert.

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Thanks for the kind words all. My work has been demanding more of my time of late and I have not been able to partake in the rich cornucopia of engaging discourse here at the Jalopnik. I had the chance to come up for air today and thought I'd throw down some stream of consciousness so as to once again feel part of the solution and less part of the problem.

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