Commenter Of The Day: The Lies We Want To Hear Edition

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A lie is sometimes an adequate replacement for a truth we don't care to hear or we're not ready to hear. Sometimes, the lie is better than the truth. Did the US Government have something to do with AIDS, the Kennedy Assassination and the cancellation of South On Sunset with Glen Frey? Maybe. But we like living in a world where the bad things don't outweigh or overshadow the good. We want our first dog to be living at the farm where he has squirrels to chase and fresh air to breathe and not underneath the Oak Tree that we once drunkenly passed out under that one Christmas Eve.


This brings us to Max Mosley, who has neither the shame to conceal nor the good sense to completely make an apology for his frivolities. The always in-tune Bumblee weighs in:

love Max Mosley. Really. People talk about the grotesque extremes we go to in America, but we've got nothing on this guy. Spitzer prays he'll get to shine this guy's shoes one day.

Mosley has shown equal severity in both his hateful affair and his "I didn't do anything really wrong" attitude in the aftermath.

His ability to bolster the leaden weight of that paradox and face the world each day has forced me to almost admire him, while at the same time I feel like I want to scold him like a 12-year-old.

When Clinton finally admitted to getting caught, at least he fed us some BS so we could believe he was a regular guy who believed that right and wrong existed. With Mosley, it's just, "F the BS, I'm Max Mosley and hell, I could travel through time and kill my infant grandfather if I wanted to."

It's never to late to pretend that was your twin cousin.


Jeff Glucker

@beercheck: My favorite one is in regards to Green Lazers, and how much they rule...