Commenter Of The Day: Taco Bell Sushi Edition

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As readers of this site you, from time-to-time, learn a little about the writers from various posts. Typically, it's something benign like figuring out where we went to school or how many brothers and sisters we have. Here's something you didn't know: Ben is a culinary genius. It's true. When most of us go to Taco Bell it's usually out of a mix of self loathing, boredom and hunger. We chow down our bean burrito and pray to God no one notices us. Ben is different. He sees the burrito as the faux-Mexican analog for the sushi roll. Thus was born Taco Bell Sushi. If you're interested, that's some "fire" sauce on the side and a green onion as a garnish. Brilliant. Something you may already know is Wes crashed a bike and was once mistaken for Ray's girlfriend. This is all you need to know to appreciate Charles Barrett's comment in Wes' 2009 Maserati Quattroporte SPort GT S review today.


Blow in my ear, Wes, and I'll follow you anywhere... except I cant catch up to a Quattroporte...

Beides, if you'll recall, it was POLAR who first admired your derriere and lovely flowing locks...

But since we're both sporting titanium aftermarket parts, think of the beautiful, rust-proof children we could make... or manufacture.


Scared? So are we. But not as scared as Wes' girlfriend should be.

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Rob Emslie

That's freaking hysterical. Congrats Charles and a well-earned and totally salacious COTD.

Of course I know you just got Jalopnik and Fleshbot mixed up there. I'll bet the other reviewers of Shaw's She-malion are wondering why you focused on the autos and not the autoerotica in your assessment.