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2008 Ford Taurus X, Day Two

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Yesterday, we introduced the 2008 Taurus X — which is in Jalopnik's garage for a week — telling you it made us look like dads. Today the big Taurus gets a chance to shine, hauling unwanted doors from Ray's pied-à-terre to his glamorous storage facility in Jersey.


At first glance, the Taurus X's interior looks like a decent load hauler. Both of the back rows split in the middle and fold flat, the front passenger seat can join them, giving an overall load bay length of 9 feet.


The seats aren't removable, though, and even while flat, severely impinge on luggage capacity. For instance, the third row eats up 10 inches of the trunk's depth. The trunk opening also is oddly shaped; in fact, the whole rear feels a bit pinched in the middle, further compromising the car's ability to haul large, oddly shaped loads.

Ray's set of 7-foot-tall closet doors filled the car's capacity, they would have virtually disappeared into an Expedition's cavernous interior. You couldn't haul a couch in here.

We also regret to report that Ray is woefully inept with a screwdriver, we're afraid we can't recommend him as the friend to call when you need help moving.

Photo Credit: Cydney Goldberg

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@Bumblebee: That's actually in between 1st and 2nd streets between 41st and 43rd. Not so much Jersey.

@emerlinf: That didn't work — we needed them in on an angle. However, the fold flat load floor was a nice option, just not as utilitarian in this case as I'd have hoped.