Commenter Of The Day: She's Hot To Go Edition

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Lyle Lovett, for many reasons, could be the unofficial, craggly-faced singer/songwriter for the Jalopnik community. There's this great bit from "Here I Am" where he says "If Ford is to Chevrolet, What Dodge is to Chrysler, What Corn Flakes are to Post Toasties, What the clear blue sky is to the deep blue sea, What Hank Williams is to Neil Armstrong, Can you doubt we were made for each other?" Then there's the song Pontiac, which fits well with the end of the brand itself. Then there's "West Texas Highway" where he's driving a big shiny Chevy and picking up hitchhikers. Today, however, "She's Hot To Go" is more appropriate. In the song, he calls out to a girl who may be ugly, but she's hot to go and ready. When we posted the Danica Patrick Bikini shots, our own Strolling Player pointed out she's hot to go and ready.


Blah blah blah wood plank blah blah twobyfour blah blah construction blah. Fact is, she's more attractive than most other women; based on looks alone, would you honestly turn her down?

Maybe it's that, to be racing on that professional level, she is easily a better driver than anyone here, and maybe that scares you. I don't know, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a psychologist, but give the girl a break, yeah?

Yeah, but Wes has a nicer rear.


as one who reads Jalopnik on a regular basis, I think I speek for many here that I enjoy very much these articles about hot half-nakid women in relation to cars.

More Please.