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Bikini-Clad Danica Patrick Shot For SHAPE Magazine

Danica Patrick is no stranger to the front cover of magazines, having spent some time with Sports Illustrated photographers. However, this time it's for SHAPE Magazine. Semi-work safe Danica+bikini+pool photo shoot within.


This clip shows off Danica in ways we've seen before, but this time, instead of straddling a Shelby Cobra, she's waist-deep in a gorgeous ocean-front pool with an extra creepy dose of light diffuser-holding goodness. Seriously, what's up with that guy?


Oh, and yes, you better believe if there were a similar video of A.J. Foyt, we'd damn well be running it. [YouTube via]

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A strolling player

Blah blah blah wood plank blah blah twobyfour blah blah construction blah. Fact is, she's more attractive than most other women; based on looks alone, would you honestly turn her down?

Maybe it's that, to be racing on that professional level, she is easily a better driver than anyone here, and maybe that scares you. I don't know, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a psychologist, but give the girl a break, yeah?