Commenter of the Day: Sexual Innuendo Edition

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time wondering why women aren't as obsessed with cars as men. Logic would indicate that just as many women drive as men (at least in the US and Europe). Of course that same brand of logic would argue that men wear just as much clothing as women and I shouldn't start yawning when my girl puts on Project Runway. But, I do. That said, reading through today's Fantasy Garage provides some pretty convincing clues as to why Jezebel women want nothing to do with our 4-wheeled fetish.


I would say that roughly one quarter of the comments mention erections. And while in a perfect world we would have total equality between the sexes, I just can't see lady folk typing, "The DB4 GT Zagato gets me so fucking wet! I'm stuck to my chair." Yet dozens of you men-types had no problem explaining how your johnson just got straightened out. Hey, mine too. Here's some of y'all who competed for the top spot, and the eventual winner is at the bottom.

GraveRobber reports, "Having actually sat in one (owned by a friend), I can say that owning one of these is better than sex. Any kind of sex. Even that freaky German fetish shit."

Says acar260, "I would probably choose driving this car through the countryside over sex... and my girlfriend is young and cute (and very flexible)."

FatBraff makes the delicate observation, "If you said no, I think you need to switch from tighty-whities to boxers... you are cutting off the oxygen to your brain."


While eastaboga points out, "The dragons only have to look at this one and they're completely spent."

Dearthair comes close to grabbing the brass ring with his classic actress metaphor. Here's the juicy part, "This car is like Liz or Audrey. I don't care if it's 20, 30, 40 years later. That is still so fucking sexy it hurts. Our grandkids, our grandkids' grandkids, will still be able to look at that and get tingly in their happy bits."


TheMadAdder adds, "The aching in my loins says "yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!""

Not to be left out of the sausage festivities, jdelamater says, "One look at that beauty and my pants just became a little bit tighter."


And here's what HeeeeyJake thought, "But really, any Zagato-bodied Aston gets in my fantasy garage, and most likely my pants too."

Alas, this is Commenter of the Day, and there can only be one. He made me spit coffee on my hand and his name is Armand4. Have a look:

I saw one of these last June at the Wine Country Classic races at Infineon raceway (Sears Point, if you like to keep it real). I was walking awkwardly for about an hour afterward because the DB4GT Zagato gave me a boner.


Screw a metaphor. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to be alone.

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