Upon first meeting me, lots of folks get the wrong idea. Yeah, I'm a big hairy dude, I write about cars, have close to 1,000 beers in my cellar and spend most of my free time losing money playing poker. Also, I've yet to take off my Green Bay hat this season as I am convinced doing so might jinx the Packers. However, I have a softer side. In school I studied religion and philosophy. Even though I got tossed from grad school, they at first let me in for poetry. Most of my closest friends are women as I find men to be by and large pretty dull. In fact, I have no qualms identifying myself as a feminist, something I regularly do. All of that makes today's COTD so much more difficult...

Sexy-ass Murilee (who is getting a real run for her money from Siler) posted about fellow diva Tina Turner hocking of all cars Dodge Caravans Plymouth Voyagers. And ash78 absolutely made my day:

Perfect tie-in. Our old Voyager required regular smacking to keep it in line

I have to go and call my mother. I'll be back soon.