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All day we've been banging to the sounds of the Clipse mixtape for their upcoming Till The Casket Drops and enjoying the numerous references to cars, clothes and just about every product you can imagine. One of the bloggers over at the Sound of the City compared it to William Gibson's post-Web 2.0 sci-fi book Spook Country, which is notable for its many shout outs to niche clothing brands as well as to the sexy and stealthy understated luxury of the Volkswagen Phaeton. It doesn't hurt the band is launching the tape in conjunction with the release of their own clothing line. Diversification! It's more proof stylish kicks and expensive whips go together like hammer pants and a Nissan Xterra. Just ask Rust My Enemy, who has seen this before.


For the international man of Mystery who already follows the jet-set lifestyle.

To go with your Phillipe-Patek watch, Gucci loafers and Armani slacks. Slick your $200 ponytail back and feel the soft leather on this baby.

Watch the immediate attention of the hot blondes on the sidewalk. The admiring glances from coffee-house patrons. The knowing smile on your bosses face.

You can park in front of the restaurant, by the doors. The valet will treat it with the respect he wold his own father. This is a car for the connoisseur, the man about town who needs the best. Without rival.

A car to quicken the pulse.

But do not apply if you're a wannabe. If it's all a pose. This car is the real deal. Not for dreamers. You've earnt it, you deserve it. You've arrived.

Savor the moment.

For sale:- 1988 Chryser LeBaron 2.5 Convertible

You've definitely got that swagger.



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