Commenter Of The Day: OREONADEOL! Edition

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There's nothing like a well-earned victory, whether it's a walk-off homer in the ninth or a profitable day at the lemonade stand. In that spirit, New York Magazine ran a feature on kids and lemonade stands this month that included some pretty hilarious insights. Mimicking the auto industry, one girl mentioned that "last year, we charged 25 cents for a half cup and 50 cents for a whole cup. But this year, we had to double our prices. My mom said she was shocked at the price of lemons." Said another, "My personal financial advice is 25 cents, because everyone can afford it. Even if your allowance is $1, you will be able to afford four glasses. Also, you can make a classy combo with Oreos, or do three glasses for 50 cents." Hopefully, that much thought went into the next Camaro, or at least as much thought as Graverobber put into his comment on the success of the Camaro launch:

Exterior: Bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, two-out grand slam.

Interior: Single (maybe a sacrifice fly, I'll have to see it in person.)

Mechanically: Game-winning, broken-bat homer that goes into the player parking lot and through the windshield of the pitcher's gold-trimmed Escalade and tripping the iPod on the passenger seat to start playing Harry Nilsson's You're Breaking My Heart over the Bose stereo at full volume so the entire World-Series crowd, and all the fans at home, hear it, causing the pitcher to break down in tears, drop to one knee, look up to the sky, and cry "Why, dear god, why?" AND, while circling the bases you are flashed by the entire female cast of The Hills and are showered with Rolexes and handed crackers covered in Beluga Caviar. That's some good drivelines.


Wow, you people really ran with that baseball metaphor.

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Rob Emslie

Wow, what a great day- COTD and the promise of a blowj... What honey? Oh... my wife is telling me to shut the f**k up. Anyway, thanks all. I'm little concerned about the human sacrifice, but hey, if it keeps the terrorists from winning, I'm on-board.