Is the 2010 Camaro A Home Run, Strike Out Or Double Off-The-Wall?

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After yesterday's musclecargasm over the 2010 Chevy Camaro, it's probably a good time to take a deep breath and decide whether or not we like it. Your Jalopnik crew is torn between those that see the car's design as sharp and progressive, those of us who believes it's unnecessary retroism and one of us who thinks it wouldn't look good with 14" wire rims. There are those among us that see the car as a great performer for a new era, while others see it as safe replacement for a car they didn't particularly like in the first place. Does it rock? Does it suck? Does it both rock and suck?


GM clearly needs a win with the Camaro, which we feel like they've been developing for the last 4,000 years. Do they have a winner on their hands? Even if you don't like it, do you think it'll perform well in the market? Why do you think it'll perform well in the market when everyone wants a Honda Civic? Debate starting... now!


Rob Emslie

Exterior: Bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, two-out grand slam.

Interior: Single (maybe a sacrifice fly, I'll have to see it in person.)

Mechanically: Game-winning, broken-bat homer that goes into the player parking lot and through the windshield of the pitcher's gold-trimmed Escalade and tripping the iPod on the passenger seat to start playing Harry Nilsson's You're Breaking My Heart over the Bose stereo at full volume so the entire World-Series crowd, and all the fans at home, hear it, causing the pitcher to break down in tears, drop to one knee, look up to the sky, and cry "Why, dear god, why?" AND, while circling the bases you are flashed by the entire female cast of The Hills and are showered with Rolexes and handed crackers covered in Beluga Caviar. That's some good drivelines.