Commenter Of The Day: No Haggle Pricing Edition

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People are often so disgusted with the way car dealers, more than most sales people, haggle with the price of a car. The common belief, often justified, is the price a dealer gives you will somehow be altered with the addition of "rustproofing" or some other fake option. Because of this, used car retailer CarMax has been able to make a big stand by offering "no haggle" pricing. The cars they offer often come in at a price higher than what you'd expect to pay for a similar car in similar condition and, in our experience, they don't offer a competitive amount on trade-ins. The allure of "no haggle" pricing, though, is strong enough to get buyers to sign on the dotted line. Some noticed our "Top 11 Cars Of 2009 Most Likely To Get You Laid" post came with a mighty high price tag and Tiberiuswise came to the realization it was too much to pay for a little physical attention.

Average MSRP of this list is $80,000.

A. At that price, vagina = crack pipe
B. Anyone who can't get laid for less than $80,000 is beyond help


While $80,000 wouldn't be the most ever paid for some loving, we admit it's not as good a deal as the Fiat Dino.