Commenter Of The Day: Nancy Hanks Edition

Abraham Lincolns parents weren't famous or notable other than for being parents of a future president. His father Thomas Lincoln worked hard as a farmer and was successful by standards of the day but was in no way remarkable. His mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, is even less well known because she died in her early 30s from drinking bad cow milk. Despite her fairly standard early 19th century life, Nancy Hanks not only gave birth to Abraham Lincoln, she also is distantly related to actor Tom Hanks, which is the reference KeyserSoze is making in the CTS-VR1 post.

Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln, whats next a bore and stroke?

That's gotta be over 800 at the crank.

200 more horsepower and you could drive it into a lake...

The reference is originally from Toy Story 2 referencing Nancy Franks. And, of course, Keyser is reference the Bugatti crash. So many references you'd think we're hiring.


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