Cadillac CTS-V + ZR1 Supercharger = Fastlane's 630 HP CTS-VR1!

Hoping to bring the Cadillac CTS-V closer to its reputation as the four-door Corvette ZR1, the mad tuners at Fastlane swapped the larger 2.3-Liter blower off the ZR1 into CTS-V sedan to create this tire-shredding. Depends-wetting CTS-VR1.


Taking a look at the dyno it appears the CTS-V may actually be hitting 670 HP at the wheels, though shop owner Nick Field modestly claims just 630 HP out back with a bump of 130 HP in the powerband. Whatever the actual power, it's clear from the video the LSA-to-LS9 transformation is the kind of upgrade the mightiest-of-all-Cadillacs is just begging for.


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