Are you having as much fun with Japan Week as we are? Probably not, as we're actually getting paid to write about Mothra. Paid in peanuts, but paid nonetheless. One last time: Mothra. Moving on — I've been behind the wheel of a Toyota product for the last few hours and while there is much to love, the driving experience leaves even more to be desired. This seems to be a Toyota character trait, whereas Mazda, Subaru and even Honda all seem capable of injecting sportiness across their model line. And that brings us to today's outstanding Commenter...

Earlier today, we reported that depending on how you cook count the numbers, GM may very well have re-grabbed the brass ring of world's #1 biggest automaker from Death Ghidorah Toyota. Bensen2175's words aren't necessarily cerebral, groundbreaking or even spelled all that well. However, he cuts to the quick of the matter, and in many ways says the obvious thing, that no one is saying:

Ugh, another Toyota vs. GM "debate". "My mom owned a Cavalier/Corlla that ran 300miles blah blah..." It's like arguing a Kennmore is better than a Maytag; who gives shit.

No, really. Why do we care who sells the most?