Commenter Of The Day: Mad Men Edition

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If you haven't been watching AMC's Mad Men, what exactly have you been watching on Sunday nights? Actually, if you're reading a blog, what have you Netflixed, Tivoed or downloaded instead of Mad Men? The show revolves around a minor Madison Avenue advertising agency in the 1960s (thus the title) and the characters within. As with most shows set in the past it covers both universal themes and uses the era to reflect our own problems. More importantly, the cast is made up mostly of minor actors from other shows who manage to shine in their roles and in their 60s era Cadillacs and Chryslers. Along with The Wire and Friday Night Lights, the show is among the best dramas of the last few years. And, it turns out, our very own Karpet proved in the man step commercial to be a budding mad man.

Ford needs to brand it "the man step" and shoot a spot with Mike Rowe calling it that. ZING.

Scene: Exterior - Tailgate party at Stadium

Mike, standing in F-150 bed, working at BBQ grill.

Mike Rowe: "The bed is where a truck does its work and with the F-150's man step, you can get to work easy."

Cut to heavy set man wearing Oakland Raiders jersey struggling to throw his body into Chevy truck bed.

Cut to Mike helping ladies into the already swinging truck bed party using "man step"

Mike Rowe: "and when work is done, it is time to have some friends over"

Background - large man drops and destroys BBQ grill he is trying to get into Chevy bed.

Bookend with tagline: "F-150 a man step above the rest." and Ford logo.

Or, one small man step for man, a giant man leap for mankind.