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The song "Leaving On A Jet Plane" may have been made famous by Peter, Paul and Mary but it was actually written by high-like-the-Rockies John Denver while stuck in an airport waiting for his flight. It was such a hit for PP&M some people believe the John Denver version is the cover and not the other way around. After writing the song he named it "Oh Babe I Hate To Go" but that name was mercifully changed by one of his producers. We always took Liz Phair's "Stratford-on-Guy" from Exile in Guyville as the stuck-circling-Chicago-O'Hare equivalent of Denver's song, but maybe that's us. Ben highlighted the trouble with flying your car on this plane-crazed day and Graverobber had an airborne song of his own to match.


Loading my Ferrari onto a plane
I thought I might go and drive it in Spain
I need to be there by six
For a date with two chicks
And then I'll come home once again

My Scuderia is fast
My Scuderia is red
It cost many rubles
From drug sales and making competitors dead

I have much more money
Than with which I know what to do
So I make them fly my Ferrari
While I eat caviar fondu

Of economic collapse
I know not a thing
My drug sales are up
I'm Mother Russia's cocaine king

So we fly here for lunch
And I drive up to the bar
I get out of the car
It's really not that bizarre

I meet my two dates
Give each a kiss on the cheek
Then sit down for a dinner
Of grilled snapper and leeks

Then off to an Inn
For a quick threesome romp
Then I bid them до свидания
And race back to the Aeroflot

I fly on back home
To make sure my business stays true
And to keep profits high
and my competitors few

It's good to be the king
Or drug lord in this case
And to have it all
At least until you get shot in the face


Of course, he's talking about drug dealing the day after we do a Clipse Edition COTD...

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