Commenter Of The Day: It's True, It's True Edition

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Today's been fun, huh? Mel Brooks co-wrote Blazzing Saddles with a number of writers, including Richard Pryor. In the famous scene where Madeline Kahn's Lili Von Shtupp attemps to seduce Cleavon Little, us viewers see her ask if his schnitzel is really as big as would would expect. The lights go out and she exclaims "It's true! It's true!" What's missing is a line Richard Pryor wrote to follow it: "Baby, you're sucking on my elbow." It just goes to show the Germans are constantly confused. Just like VW is with how to treat Porsche, and how Porsche is to treat Audi. Thankfully, jip1080's here to explain.


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Troppo vero, Troppo vero.


Congratulations, Mr. jip1080, on COTD today! My award to you is an Ultra Super Duper Audi, to be brought to you by this lovely young lady wearing a weird skirt. ;)