Bob Dylan may pimp for both Cadillac and Pepsi, but this doesn't mean we don't still respect the work he did. Being of a post-Boomer generation he doesn't hold the same place in our formation as say a David Byrne or a David Berman but Blood On The Tracks is still killer. Dylan's life was recently Polaroided in the biopic I'm Not There. It was clever and at the time proved to be a nice palet cleanser to what was becoming a stale sub-genre. Still, it was wildly uneven. Cate Blanchett as 1960s Dylan was spot on, and the Malkmus performance of "Ballad of a Thin Man" was a great touch. Plus, who doesn't love freaking David Cross as Allen Ginsberg? The bit with Richard Gere as Billy the Kid, however, is useless. Today, we had a reminder of Murilee Martin's move to weekend editor. Some of you have taken this as Murilee leaving the site, which isn't there. Rather than not being there, our mysteriously-named and newly-minted editor very much wants to remind you she's still here.

"Dammit, I'm not leaving!"

This is the first win for a Jalopnik staffer but we had to, it made us laugh. We'll have to have our official keeper of the stats, Dearthair fill us in.