Commenter Of The Day: Glyndwr Michael Edition

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Hoping to deceive Hilter into thinking the Allies would invade Greece and Sardinia instead of Sicily and Italy, British intelligence planted fake invasion documents on a "Major William Martin" who then washed ashore, dead, in Spain. The deception worked and Hitler kept his forces in Greek for far too long and wasn't able to respond to the real invasion. It also had the effect of reducing German forces in other important regions and making Hitler even more paranoid, so that he avoided believing actual intelligence out of fear it was another trick. But where'd the Brits find an unshot dead body? Simple, they just selected an alcoholic Welshman named Glyndwr Michael who managed die just when they need him. His grave even mentions he served as the fake "Major Martin" as a tribute to his contributions to Britain, which were greater in death than in life. Maximum_Sarge may not be a real Sarge, but he points out only post mortem could the badge-engineered Colorado/Isuzu ever redeem itself.


There are a lot of good entries already, but I present you with an even more disappointing one: the Isuzu Pickup, aka Chevy Colorado.

Here's why:

1. Americans are supposed to be quite good at 'pickup trucks'. Overall, we are. Just not with this one.

2. Japanese are supposed to be good at reliability. Overall, they are. But not this one.

3. It's the most ugliest, homliesque (yes, really) rebadge effort EVAR. Look at that grille! Look at that, well, uh, that's all they did, the grille. And they did it horribly.

Now, if you look a the small truck forums, most of them are full of post-purchase-validation fanboys. Not so the Colorado. They seem to all hate their truck too.

So you have an unreliable Japanese truck designed by Americans, loathed by everyone, with the thinnest of all rebadge façades. FTW.

Still need more evidence? See here: [Jalopnik] The euros do not want either.

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Congratulations, Mr. Maximum_Sarge on today's COTD! This time, I have for you this yellow Porsche to be driven to you by this pretty blond lady as soon as she leaves this rock/gravel pit.