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Euthanasia and euphemism both share the Greek root "eu" which means "good" thereby meaning euthanasia roughly translates to "good death." It's not the way we'd like to go (hello Audi RS6 Avant + cliff), but an understandable alternative for some. Unfortunately, euphemisms are often worse than the actual literal description they're trying to euphemize. Is "buffing the bishop" really less salacious than "I'm going to go masturbate?" Everyone has to urinate, but does everyone need to "drain the snake?" According to evoCS, our poor friend Buemi still needs a translator to make his words come out clean.


"I am extremely disappointed that, once again, through no fault of my own, I have been unable to run for almost all of the three hours available,"

Let's see, I'm going to run that through the ol' Race Driver Candid Comment Converter (pat. pending):

"It would be great if the team could build a fucking car that didn't turn to shit during the simple act of driving it. Is that asking to much? IS IT?"

You'll have to have to excuse the Converter, as its not quite got the profanity filter calibrated yet. I was expecting much more cursing.

Ah, that's what he meant.

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