Commenter Of The Day: E-Harmony,, JDate... Edtion

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Mate1, Lavalife, Facebook, It's Just Lunch,, FastCupid,,, SinglesNet, RSVP,, More To Love, Catholic Match, Twitter, a bar, a grocery store, a movie theatre, church, political campaign, race track, community center, the Internet, Yahoo! Personals, a different bar, the gym, the park, the other kind of theatre and work are all answers to the sad question from RentalCarGuy in our V-Day QOTD.

"I waste my time online discussing with people I don't even remotely know whether the overall shape or the number of pillars make a hatchback into a station wagon. Where would somebody like that get a valentine from?


It'll happen. Hold out hope.

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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

Well, there are people you don't even remotely know that could be a valentine. Some of them are really very sex and wonderful and brilliant.

Anyhow, don't use it all in one place.