What Car Would You Buy Your Valentine?

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In case you've forgotten, this Sunday is Valentine's Day — i.e. the day you're guaranteed misery alone and risking absolute misery together. Let's put this one in the bag: what car would you buy your Valentine?


This is a very individual thing, obviously, so choices may vary across the staff. Ideally, any V-Day gift should make the gift-getter feel sexy, special and should encourage spending time together. Personally, this means getting the wife a Jaguar XJS convertible. Why? They've aged well and are long, lean and sexy. She loves them, there's no doubt about this, and a V12 Jaguar is always a special thing. And what about spending time together? It's an old Jag! Think of all the hours trying to track down electronic faults, fuel system weirdness and other mistakes engineering quirks. That's love, man. That's love.

What about you? Wrap a bow on it, paint it red, and put in the driveway — after you share in the comments.


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I have no Valentine, but I love me, so I'd buy this for me. Surprise!