Commenter Of The Day: Defying Expectations Edition

A girl I dated once shared a college class with Jenna Bush and, despite what you'd expect, the first daughter was about as normal a college student as you'd find with the exception of the secret service detail. So as not to interfere with the life of a young person, the Secret Service agents protecting her took her classes and tried to blend in with the background as best they could. Everyone in the class was convinced the agent was a tall young man with a well-deep voice built like a football player instead of an English major. One day this girl and I were at a bar in Austin when she pointed out the secret service agent. It was none other than an old friend of mine who, in reality, was an English major and not the protector of the president's daughter. When we asked does your car interfere with your love life our own Maximum_Sarge also turned expectations around.


For the record, I meant I expected a comment mentioning someone owns a newer Porsche to be obnoxious. I was wrong.

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