Does Your Car Interfere With Your Love Life?

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The premise of Dodge's Super Bowl ad was being a man means making sacrifices... so you can drive a Charger. Does your car interfere with your love life?

As automotive journalists, cars constantly interfere in our romantic escapades and relationships. We're away driving them, we're out taking pictures of them, we decide to test the brakes in a press car without noticing our significant other is adjusting her makeup. Even before the sweetest gig ever we had our share of problems. Having a penchant for cheap cars and a limited budget, the occasional improvised roadside repairs did delay a few romantic interactions. At one point we were told by a young woman she'd love to go on another date on us... as long as we picked her up in a different car.


Has your love of cars interfered with your love of human contact?

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Scandinavian Flick

Thanks to having an awesome girlfriend, no. If anything, it helps.

Yes, that is her helping me do an engine swap on a Volvo 242. :)