Commenter of the Day: Daniel Day-Lewis Edition

Oscar-nominated actor Daniel Day-Lewis is an odd duck. Brilliant, yes, but ambivalent about the whole mega-fame thing. So much so that several years ago, he briefly entered semi-retirement and journeyed to Italy to learn the shoemaker's trade. An admirable choice, and one that evokes old-world craft in a way that our commenters would recognize, particularly in response to the delicate ministrations that this guy undertook to shape nearly a million matchsticks into a race-car replica. And so, on to the awarding.


At first, however, the trend was to highlight the artisanal obsessions of this multiple-mustachioed maestro of the tiny sticks of flaming wood in unflattering terms. The HZA summarized:

I get the creepy vibe from him. Like candy in a van without windows driving past elementary schools. Asking kids if they want to play with his Wii.


But then Benson2175 offered this adjustment to prevailing opinion...

I don't know. I'm not so quick to beat this guy down. Albeit my initial reaction was to wanna bully this guy into submission now that I think about it: That thing looks pretty fucking good. That guy is a matchstick craftsman god dammit and we don't have many craftsmen of anything left anymore so more power to him. At least he doesn't waste his life reading and commenting on car blogs. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I like wasting my life.


...and for the nobility of his defense—this man is a matchstick craftsman goddammit!—nabbed COTD. Congrats!

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