Commenter Of The Day: Asymptotic Admiration Edition

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You do a bit of writin' for a living, you fall into some patterns, habits, etc. Like, you see certain words, you grow acquainted with them, but you never really think about using them. Because, friends. they are intimidating, or you just don't quite know how to work the gears and levers. So, when you see one of these words deployed confidently, and within a composition that is lively and balanced and smacks home its point boldly, you pay attention. Obviously, such a thing happened today among the commenters, in response to our turbonique rocket drag axle post, and it yielded COTD.

We bestow the laurels on elhigh, for this little masterpiece, which deftly includes one of those words, and we hope by now you've figured out what it is:

In a land where the cars asymptotically approach the ideal of softened jellybean anonymity, where fuel economy is a talking point and hybrids are high-performance, there is still room for the raised eyebrow, cheek-stretching, blood-curdling rebel yell HELL YEAH! that is this car.

Chevy guy? Ford fan? Fuck that, this is a rocket car! Ever wish your name was Breedlove or Gabelich? Have we got a ride for you!


We're sorry, but that's just a nice piece of work.

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Rob Emslie

"a line that continually approaches a given curve but does not meet it at any finite distance."

Cheers to elhigh for bringing a welcome level of erudition to the discourse, and sending us out this Friday on a high note! Well done and Huzzah!