For Sale: Turbonique Rocket Drag Axle Equipped 1964 Ford Galaxie 500

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Turbonique. Just saying the name brings shivers of excitement. Purveyor of all things speed and insane, the now defunct Turbonique is most famous for their Rocket Drag Axle. An absolutely bonkers system which mechanically attached a liquid fuel rocket to a solid axle and dumped an additional 1000 HP to the rear wheels at the touch of a button. This system was so powerful an otherwise unmodified VW Beetle with one walked away from the four engined Showboat in a 1966 race. At the behest of RJ Reynolds heir Zachary Reynolds, this '64 Ford Galaxie 500 was equipped with the Rocket Axle, as well as a boatload of other goodies, and in May the whole thing is set to go to auction.


We're sitting here looking at the pictures of the axial flow supercharger, the four side draft carbs, Torque Thrust D's, MT slicks and that Thermoline guzzling Rocket Axle, and words fail us. This car is like a testosterone drenched call to arms, it's practically begging to frighten old ladies and make young children cry. It might be the most bad ass car ever built. We want it, we want it bad. If there was enough cash in blogging we could have it too, because it's set to go on the auction block this upcoming May 17th in Indianapolis. We're like idiots here trying to do this thing justice but our minds have been melted like so many slicks at the drag strip. [Mecum Auctions via HooptyRides]


Rob Emslie

I am left, uncharacteristically, speechless.