It's hard to like Tom Cruise. I know Ben Stiller does, and maybe he's fun to hang out with, but there's just too much out there that freaks me out. There's the Scientology thing, the creepy silent birth thing, the jumping on couches thing, the dislike of medicine thing, the crap movies thing. Mostly, whereas I could see myself hitting it off with a movie star like Will Ferrell or maybe even Mark Wahlberg, I just don't see it happening with Cruise. Then again, Tom Cruise is going on Top Gear and AtOurGates can vouch for his love of planes. Maybe he's not all that bad.

A few years ago, my propellerhead brother-in-law was walking around the local airport in Redlands, CA - spending his afternoon looking at planes. This time, he sees a beautiful beautiful P-51 doing touch-and-goes, and waits for it to land.

When it does, my brother-in-law walks over to talk to the pilot about his fantastic plane. And when he gets closer, he realizes that it's Tom Cruse stepping out of the cockpit.

Apparently, they had quite a nice conversation.

Have a great weekend everyone.

I don't know if Tom's a petrol head, but the man does have fantastic taste in planes.