While in England promoting their film Knight and Day, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz stopped by the Top Gear test track/set for a few laps in the show's Reasonably Priced Car. They also found time to grope the Stig.

Cruise and Diaz are set to appear on this weekend's episode of Top Gear. As show writer Richard Porter tells it,

Back in 2002 when we were planning New TopGear, we used to reflect on the newly minted idea of a star in a Reasonably Priced Car and cackle quietly to ourselves. "Tom Cruise!" we would smirk. "Tom Cruise in a crappy Korean hatchback!"

That was the gag: massive A-list celebrities finding themselves shoehorned into the kind of car they'd normally never be seen dead in. The whole thing was deliberately preposterous. And so, frankly, was our dream of getting the world's biggest movie actor into an affordable mid-range car.

And now it's come to pass. This weekend's episode will also include footage of James May top-speeding the 267.81-mph Bugatti Veyron Supersports, a task that, as Mike Spinelli and Pierre Henri-Raphanel informed us, is "not a problem." Also, Clarkson will present an Ayrton Senna retrospective (yay!), and you might get to see Cruise and Diaz attempt to wrestle the Stig's helmet off.


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