Comment Of The Day: The Joy Of Toyota Design Edition

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Image: Toyota

Before we get too deep here I have to admit that I don’t hate the design of the new Toyota Yaris. It’s a bit overdone and could stand to be simpler, but I’m glad that some of the wild design of a supercar has trickled down to a supermini. This thing looks a bit like if McLaren had designed it to sit as a four-door hatchback version of its 720S. Also, it’s available in wild colors, which is always good.

Toyota hasn’t had a track record of good design lately, and have been adding flicks and curves and massive fake grille openings to every car it builds. For example, the Aygo-aping rear fender flares on this new Yaris are... unsettling. And if it looked a little less angry at the front, I wouldn’t complain.

Toyota needs to visualize its destination, confer with the spirits of each design element, and determine which specific pieces spark joy. Does a windshield spark joy? Does a fender spark joy? Maybe Toyota needs to build a new-era Lotus 7.


Simplify and add joy.


Thank you Thevenin for your post and the role it has played in all of our lives. It is good and valid. Take your COTD crown and throw it immediately into the landfill. This sparks joy.