Comment of the Day: Tesla Versus the World Edition

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Photo: David Zalubowski (AP)

These days, we’ve had plenty of head-to-heads featuring a Tesla—everyone wants to know how Elon Musk’s brainchildren are going to compare to other cars on the market. Recently, we’ve had the Tesla up against the Kia Stinger. But I’m thinking it’s time for a change.


This, my friends, is genius. Absolutely genius. I can’t even express to you how badly I now want—no, need—to see a Tesla taking on competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut.


And the best part is, the rest of y’all followed suit in the very best way possible.

Congratulations on your COTD, StrangeLove4791.

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I’ll say this about Teslas. I’ve seen them show up at Cars and Coffee and it’s hilarious to watch the entire assemblage of people give a collective yawn, shrug and go back to looking under the hood of another car.

It’s like people that have never ever had an interest in cars figure they’ll go show their shiny new drivable iPhone to to a group of Car People and don’t realize that they’re not really Car People, Tesla based enthusiasm or not.

I’d say any time I’ve seen a Tesla vs. a Cars and Coffee Mustang, the Mustang wins every time, even if they don’t stuff it into the median on the way out.