Comment Of The Day: It's Also Not A Diesel Wagon Edition

You can’t please everyone! Ford brings America a delightfully insane (yet surprisingly civilized) monster hatch that drifts on command, and yet some people will still find ways to be naysayers.

I know several Jalops who have already put a deposit down on the new Focus RS, so I’m not as pessimistic as Dave Ruddock here, but he does have a good breakdown of how Internet comments work:

“I will totally buy one.” -Every Jalopnik Focus RS fan a month ago.

“Oh, I didn’t know that the RS <INSERT INSIGNIFICANT, MILDLY ANNOYING COMPLAINT HERE>. That sucks. Guess I’m not buying one after all, sorry Ford guess you just don’t want my money!!1!1” -Every other Jalopnik Rocus RS fan today.

“Wait, you mean I CAN’T lowball the dealer 10% off MSRP? And some are even marked UP? Bro my buddy got an M3 for like $5k off sticker no way I’m paying Ford a penny over invoice that’s robbery they just lost my money.” -Every other, other Jalpnik Focus RS fan several months from now.

That said this car does seem awesome. 10/10 insane hatches awarded.

Then again, why ISN’T it a V8 diesel manual RWD wagon that tops out at $17,000 with options and has no safety or emissions features? Ford sucks.

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