Comment Of The Day: Humans Are Idiots Edition

Screengrab via Facebook
Screengrab via Facebook

When one grown-ass man apparently spits in another grown-ass man’s face, and the spat-upon grown-ass man then rolls his own SUV onto its roof in an enraged attempt at retribution, you know the human species needs some work.

Today, we wrote a story about a silly road-rage incident involving two human males making themselves look foolish, prompting a reader named marshknute to ponder how it is that Homo sapiens made it to the top of the food chain. Reader PollyWantsAKraken had a quick, witty answer:


But other species have thumbs, too. How do we explain that? PollyWantsAKraken has the answer yet again:

Some commenters mentioned things like tools, language, fire and mathematics as other reasons why humans are so dominant, but the real takeaway from this whole exchange is: we’re idiots, and the raccoons are coming for us.

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Congratulations, Mr. PollyWantsAKraken, and Mr. marshknute, on COTD! I would like to gift you with a BMW which this lovely lady with the lovely thumbs will deliver soon.