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Getting older changes the way you look at cars. In your 20s you might get excited about a new coupe or sport compact. Then the years add up and you are strangely drawn to something more comfortable and practical but still cool, like a Volvo wagon.


The all-new Volvo V60 is a nice ride. We found out today that it will also be reasonably priced but that you will have to order it from the factory. Those of us who are into wagons were naturally excited about the new Volvo longroof, but some other folks didn’t even know they wanted one until now.

If you think being in your 30's is weird, wait until you are in your late 30s and you have kids then you start saying things like, “Wait, so Pottery Barn will deliver the furniture and assemble it? Sign me up!”


Don’t fight getting older. Just embrace it.

Congratulations Cornholemajesty and YeezusHChrist, I’m so old I don’t even get the hip references in your usernames, but I enjoyed this thread.

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