Has enough time passed now that we can admit the mid-2000s was just a garbage time in American history?

A slumping economy. Survivor. The height of Nickelback’s mainstream popularity. Terrorism, domestic surveillance and a pervasive culture of fear. (Well, that hasn’t changed.) And an American auto industry with truly staggering levels of “zero fucks to give.”


Yes, even at Ford, high and mighty as they are having never taken a bailout. People forget they were awfully close to catastrophe at one point too, and with cars like the Mercury Milan, it’s easy to see why.

And on a recall of the admittedly newer (but just barely) Mercury Milan, readers McMike and Hubert_Harold_Baus pretty much nail it:

Some people actually bought Mercury Milans at one point. I don’t know how I’ll explain that to future generations. I mean, Jill was on point back then, but still. STILL.

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