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Claude Lelouch Explains 'Rendezvous'

One of the most storied automotive films ever, er, filmed, Claude Lelouch's C'etait un Rendezvous has been cloaked in mystery since the moment it was released. Was it one of Lelouch's F1 racing pals behind the wheel of what often was assumed to be a Ferrari 275GTB? Was it Lelouch himself? No, no and yes. No, it wasn't a racing driver, the car was a Mercedes 6.9 that the director still owns (the Ferrari was dubbed in to add to the thrill factor), and yes, it was Lelouch behind the wheel.


What's more, the girl at the end is Claude's babymomma, and he did in fact have one spotter, when he exits the second tunnel near the Louvre. The spotter was supposed to radio the driver in case there was traffic after a blind turn. Lelouch got no signal, so he hammered it. It turns out later that the walkie-talkie was broken.

The Ferrari was dubbed in after the 6.9's own score was deemed to be not-so-exciting (although, due to the Merc's air suspension, it made an ideal camera car for the touchy gyroscopically-balanced camera), and as Lelouch posits, the run really did happen, but the Ferrari noises make it more exciting. What's more, as Herr Roy — our tipster and translator on this one — points out, yes, there are a few glitches in terms of shift timing in the film (he counts three), but the fact that 98% of them are right-on is frankly pretty amazing.


How'd they do it? Our guess is a chassis dyno on a soundstage, but that's a card that Lelouch has yet to reveal.

Mapping the Rendezvous [Internal]

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Oh, man, when I read the title of this post I thought I'd find out the reasoning behind the Buick Rendezvous.

But it's interesting to learn the car was the 6.9. It seemd to accelerate quite well having only a 3-spd automatic.