Mapping the Rendezvous

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Claude Lelouch's gearhead-porn masterpiece of the late '70s was released on DVD a while back, finally giving us a chance to see it, and the nine-minute short has now hit the internets. Rumors abound surrounding the film, which Lalouch has been tight-lipped about ever since the film's release. The general consensus is that the car involved is a Ferrari, but even that's been called into question. Meanwhile, some noble savage took the time to plot out Lelouch's route across Gay Paree via Google maps. Goddamn, this is as good as the Trench Run in Star Wars. Well, it at least kicks the crap out of the podrace in the Phantom Menace... [Thanks to Brandon for the vid link] [UPDATE: Reader Donovan notes that the mirror sites keep falling down and going boom, so he provided us with one more. You get a gold star, Donovan.]

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