Classic Ad Watch: The Judge Used To Rule!

The best indication we can find of how far Pontiac's advertising has plummeted in both kitsch quality and consumer appeal has to be this commercial for the 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge starring America's answer to the British Invasion — Paul Revere and the Raiders. Maybe Pontiac should resurrect them as an answer to a new non-musical foreign invasion they're currently struggling to answer — because the General's most recent campaign for the 2006 GTO, "fuel for the soul," didn't quite hit the mark. Check that commercial and the lyrics to this one below the jump.


Judge! The special great one from Pontiac ... G-T-O Hurst "T" shifter, 3-speed or four Pontiac Ram Air, 366 horse Mag-type wheels, 60-inch spoiler airfoil

(The Judge will rule)

The special great one from Pontiac ... G-T-O
Pontiac Ram Air, 400 cubes for action
Wide-Trac mag-type Polyglas shoes for traction

(The Judge will rule)

Spoken line: Has the jury reached a verdict?

Breakawaaaaay .... The fast track is Pontiac!

Now picture it with the band in full regalia and an orange Judge hauling ass in the desert. Goofy, clever, cool , and effective, this one is worthy of repeat viewing. You'll be humming the tune to yourselves afterward.

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The Judge.

Mag type wheels, polyglass tires, 60"spoiler/airfoil.

Three OR four on the floor.


AND DECALS!The Judge has psychedelic DECALS!

Would you like pre- malaise on your sandwich, sir?

The Tempest, FTW.